Are you predictable? Lesson from 7-Eleven...

Predictability has a negative connotation, but is extremely useful trait to have in handling your customers or your clients or your manager(s). Good, predictable treatment (minor details included) is the reason why we tend to chose big coffee or restaurant chains over local shops. They always say the same, even if cheesy phrase. The manager comes at the same time to inquire about your experience. The food or coffee looks the same over and over again. It seems that we find comfort in the familiarity of the service (even at times at expense of the quality of the final product). Can you use this for your career advancement?

Local 7-Eleven has many staff members - mainly disengaged teenagers and recent immigrants. Their level of communication ensures customers are bored inside and exit as quickly as possible. And then there's the lady - for a year now when it's her shift I am happy that I need a chewing gum or a pop. Because she always:

1. Smiles and greets you with "Hi how are you?" when you enter.

2. Once you are at the cashier, she will offer daily special with enthusiasm, "would you like two-for-one hot-dog today?"

She is always in a great mood, and always does the above two things. Did I mention always? She was a store clerk last year. I just noticed she had a different uniform jacket, and her name tag had "manager" title. Well deserved lady! Something tells me she'll end-up in the head-office training staff.

How much do you engage your clients or your manager? Make their conversation with you a memorable, positive, and predictable experience for them. Tell yourself, when they talk to me, that will be the best conversation they had that day. If you can do this predictably, the corner office is yours.

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