Beat the Job Searching Blues...

Let's face it - job searching is tough. Difficult enough even if you are in the best mood; but the pressures of finding a job can bring your emotional state down - one can easily become depressed and start giving up (instead of driving the next steps towards finding a job). While it's easy to say, "cheer up, you'll find a job eventually," a more methodical approach will give you the mental and emotional stability you need.

1. Exercise Daily - there's hardly a more effective step to being in a good mood then challenging your body through a good workout

2. Watch motivational videos on YouTube, read inspirational literature - yes others have been in more difficult circumstances and came out winning, their stories and lessons will give your the confidence you need

3. Set aside some time daily for introspective activity - this could be Yoga, Praying, Listening to music, whatever awakes your inner self

4. Don't be focused on the outcome of your job searching activity - and stressing over the fact that you have not found it yet. Instead, focus on the steps that will get you there (calling, following up, emailing with recruiters and employers) and invoke positive feelings towards doing these steps. This will make your job searching activities more effective and in turn bring the same desired outcome sooner.

To your job-searching success!

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