VP? Forget it, How About VPP - Negotiation Success Formula

A young coleague in my office achieved a major success in closing a difficult customer, and I wanted to share his success formula. The close happened during a 2 grueling hours of customer wishing to walk out (after us spending days on this opportunity). Beyond all regular objections, a competition's financial incentive (which we could't match), coupled with famous "give me until the morning to think" had surfaced.  At the end of 2 hours, signature was on the contract (it was 10:00 PM).

In analysis of this success, the following formula was derived as key engine for this success: VPP:

  1. V - Visualize - both the outcome and the process - spend time concentrating on the desired outcome, customer signing. Envision it in details the negotiation, invoking positive emotions about talking with the customer. This will relax you, and you'll be seen as working on the client's side.
  2. P - Prepare - Only by preparing beyond nervous will you be able to navigate the conversation to success. Being prepared is like having a roadmap with possible detours ready and practiced; you'll much easier return to the main road and reach your destination then being surprised by the "road closed" sign.
  3. P - Persist - There was no way you'll give up. The one who is prepared, and persists wins negotiation. Note that just persistence alone, without preparation, will only make you annoying to the customer - your lines will be repeated, and you'll be stumbling through the objections.

So instead of wishing for a VP status - just try VPP, it's fully under your control, and may just make you a VP!

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