Why People Who Do Poorly on Interviews Don't Want Help...

People come to us for help in all areas of job-searching effort - yet I am astounded to see that typically people who do poorly in interview do not want to admit that (let alone accept help).

A registered (in Canada) nurse can't find a job - occupation in high demand. Gets interviews, then they tell him he doesn't have Canadian experience. The fact that they can tell that from his resume (and therefore wouldn't be invited in the first place) can not be presented to him. He refuses to believe anything is wrong with his interviewing skills - it's the fact that he doesn't have Canadian experience.

Regrettably, the system doesn't encourage interviewers telling candidates the truth - we don't like you because of your attitude. Instead they tell them something which would go down easier, "You don't have such and such skill/experience"

The truth is, if you got an interview, and didn't get a job, you failed! Analyze what went wrong, look into your communication style - are you asking questions. Are you displaying eager and energetic attitude? Are you talking about them vs about yourself? Have you crossed the arms? Is your body language good? Whatever it is, get to the bottom, be honest, and don't hide behind stupid explanations candidates are often presented with when rejected.

To your interviewing success!

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