Two Thirds to Watch For

Sustaining your work is hard. Maintaining focus requires discipline as distractions abound. Some believe starting is the most difficult part, but I find starting is easy: you are energized, it's something new. This excitement wears out after a while; and here we find ourselves done about 1/3 of the job, the first "quit point."

The one third mark - you must watch out for it! You are tired, "perhaps I can just cut my losses now" you think. The end of the job seems infinitely far, and you've already had enough. Don't give up now - just keep going, don't worry about finishing, just focus on not giving up and doing the next step. Soon enough your stamina will be awaken, your desires lulled, and you'll keep going. You will be happy for being brave and carrying on... until the second (and last) "quit point" - two thirds.

At the two thirds mark your brain's "give up with a notable excuse" ability seriously kicks in. You are really tired (not like on the first third), you really should leave the rest for later. It's beyond uncomfortable, you've done enough. You should leave the last third for another time, after all the quality will go down (since you are so tired). How do you deal with this point separates winners from the rest - just hang on. The quality will be even better, your mood will too (as you can see the finish line more and more clearly). Just another push, and, bingo, you are done! Overwhelming happiness takes over as you savor your achievement!

Avoid giving up on these two marks - survive first and second third, and get the trophy. Here is a bonus - next time, it's going to be easier.

To your success!


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