Your job doesn't involve selling? Your career does!

Sales has a bad reputation. Many people take pride in the fact that their jobs don't involve selling. However to advance in your career, you better start selling. Here are some ideas on what to sell:

  1. Sell your boss the solution to a problem the team is facing
  2. Sell the manager of the customer service department idea on handling specific type of requests
  3. Sell to your colleagues the idea to be involved in the project you care for

"But if my idea is good, why do I have to sell it?" you ask. Organizations are very inert, and large ones more so. Most people avoid changing the status-quo. If you have ideas and just bring them up, chances are they'll be applauded but not implemented. Therefore you must show desire and sell these ideas in order to change things.

If you do the above some magic will happen - your boss will be inclined to leave you alone to do what you think is important. More and more you'll be left alone to figure out what to do yourself, and eventually, what others ought to do. Sounds like promotion? Bingo!

Not to mention that this is a way to have more fun at work!

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