Funny resume quotes (don't write this in your resume...please!)

Running an agency has some advantages; one of the major ones is laughing at funny resumes. "Have slight back pain, requires proper lumbar support" writes an office-admin hopeful. To this day we keep the resume pinned on our cork-board for a refreshing laugh. While you want to be honest, omit sounding whiny. Once you get a job and work for few weeks you can ask for a better chair!

"Wholesome and true as a person, artist, and programmer" writes an aspiring software developer. While much has been written about applying art in work, proclaiming it (e.g., "this is art" or "I am an artist of a programmer") is cocky. Instead, have your resume written in a way which makes reader arrive at the conclusion, "this guy's an artist!"

"Avid Poker player" exclaims a recent graduate. Poker is still seen as a vice by many of the overworked managers - they missed "Poker is cool" trend and may be shocked by this. Stick to uniformly accepted hobbies and avoid polarizing activities. Sports, leadership building groups and charity associations is a great way to depict yourself in a positive light.

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