Are you bored by job-searching?

During the recent "New Job in 5 Days" program we held, I asked the participants, "Are you bored by job-searching?" Nearly all the hands went up. If you are bored by job-searching, your job searching is bored by you - boredom is contagious, transmitted by your resume, by your emails, by your phone calls. The people on the receiving end of your job-searching effort (hiring managers) are going to be bored by you before ever meeting you.

If you treat each resume submission, each LinkedIn contact, each phone call with zest and originality and passion, the managers you are contacting will be intrigued and may want to talk to you. If, on the other hand, you go through your job searching by following steps, by being disengaged, by making your emails sound like "I am capable, blah, and I am looking for opportunities for growth" the managers will feel that too, and you will not get a return call.

To get a job today you must stand out. You can't stand out if you are bored. The best way to fight boredom is with creativity - do something different in your job search and win.


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