Interview - Beat The Nervousness

Countless emails and application forms later, you've got an interview. Your time to shine. You show up, but you can't hide the nervousness. Your voice shows it. You are sweating. You say the wrong ting, or choke on the most important question. You ruined it... Then you wake up - good!

How to make sure this nightmarish scenario does not happen to you? Some people are more confident naturally, others find it difficult to perform in front of the interview panel. The trick is in preparing and being convinced. A person who is prepared more will always influence the person who is prepared less. Your interview panel is prepared. Are you?

1. Go through your resume, have a winning story for each job - make the most important aspect the benefit for your former manager.

2. Some managers like to pick through a random skill in your resume, and ensure that, since you included it, your expertise on the topic is where they want to see it. Therefore it's best to only have skills you can elaborate on effectively.

3. Write down questions they might ask you, practice sounding confident answering them. Cover technical questions, as well as the situation-based questions. Don't skimp on the most hated HR questions, like, "your biggest weakness."

4. Interview is a sale - good questions are a key to sales - make sure that you write down and practice 10 questions you'll ask them. Stay away from the generic questions, or questions that show you didn't research the company. Instead, have specific questions that show that you are an expert in your field (at your level). Questions which will make your future manager feel relieved, "this person is asking the right questions"

5. Prepare, prepare, prepare - your questions, your answers. Practice the day before in front of the mirror. Visualize them enjoying talking to you, and you enjoying getting to know them.

And lastly, try to smile and create relaxed (while still professional) atmosphere. You want to be seen as a person who knows what she/he needs to do, and can do so while cultivating positive environment.


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