Interview - One Answer That Will Amaze Them....

While no single answer can ever get you a job, there is one answer you can use that will put you in a different league from your competition. If you've done well, this answer will get you a job. If you've done OK, this answer will keep you in the game.

This answer shows you can be trusted with getting the job done. It depicts an organized person, and the one with sense of pride and ownership. It will show that you respect the deadlines. For the extra benefit, it will show that you are in tune with productivity practices, that you can one day be a leader in the company!

That answer is, "I plan my work the evening before"

They can imagine right away you in their team, coming to work with no anxiety, as a person who knows what to do. All hiring managers want self-starters (and not people who need to be told what to do). By claiming that you plan your work the evening before, you will fall into that desired category.

Now to what question do you offer this answer. I would keep it somewhere towards the end - when they start asking questions like, "what makes you different," or "how would you handle this situation?"

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