And Just When You Thought Promotion Will Never Come...

You get the call into your boss's office, and are offered management role. You jump with joy, and of course take it. Now it's all up to you - the road to corner office is all open! There's a small caveat - you get to manage your (up to today) peers. You will be tempted, but avoid at all cost the following traps which will quickly undermine your prospects in the management world:

1. Allow them to take advantage of the fact that you are friends (you worked together) and ignore your directives.

2. Instead of managing their work, deliverables and behaviors, act as their representative and fight on their behalf with other managers.

3. Offer an understanding and support for extraordinary or out-of-cycle salary increases.

While I am not advocating you put a general's uniform, do impose a steady leadership practices right away, with tight management - cut the old bonds, and build new ones, appropriate for you new role.






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