Does your manager pile up work on you? Here's what to do...

Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of work you are given? Do you think the manager is taking advantage of your abilities? New grads and recently promoted professionals will typically work hard, and with creativity people commonly have when they start new job. This will create great results and impress your management - and, of course you'll end up with far more tasks. Managers don't know when you've had enough work - it's up to you to let your boss know you've got too much on your hands.

Another common source of frustration  is tendency to do tasks "too good" - many people take pride in completing the tasks to perfection; their definition of perfection, to be exact. While your manager wants to see a number, you want to give a chart. When a graph would do, you produce a deck. Talk to your manager and do the work perfect to her spec (and may be far less then your perfect).

In summary:

1. Understand that often, Management wants more tasks completed at 80% quality

2. If you are good, and do tasks on time, they will give you more tasks

3. Learn to say "no." I read a following quote somewhere, "if you never say no, your yes is worthless"

And remember - if they are piling work at you, you must be good!


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