Beyond minimum necessary skills, it's all about you wanting the job...

If you are applying for the jobs at the right level (meaning a job you can do, but is still a step up), you must command at least some of the critical skills the employer is looking for. Before you discourage yourself thinking "but someone else has more of such and such skill," remember that the employers will always pick a person they like, over a superbly skilled candidate they deem less likable.

One of the easiest ways to be likable is to project an image of a person who want this job, who want to be part of their company. Nobody cares that you need a job. Your need to make money and do anything for salary will not impress any interview panel (but rather will make you appear desperate and anxious).

Ask yourself these questions before the interview, "why do I want this particular job? What could I gain from working with these people? How can I specifically contribute?"  List all the reasons you can come up with that would help you be excited about the job you are interviewing for. Practice saying these reasons with confidence - you'll notice that as you practice these answers your conviction will grow, and so will your ability to convey it.

Your enthusiasm about the job will be a refreshing contribution to their day, and will set you apart from number of candidates who will be there to try, to size the opportunity up, to see if it's going to work for them. Set yourself apart, and win over more qualified candidates!

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