Hidden costs and one major benefit of being organized...

To be organized requires discipline often following completion of your actual work - just exactly when you'd rather relax. Benefits of being organized are well known. There's even evidence that being organized reduces depression.

Often, the costs of being organized are ignored - what about doing just a bit more work instead of making sure your inbox is organized? What about writing blog instead of making files neatly stored at your desk? What about spending more time with the family instead but facing a pile of documents the next day?

In deciding how much of your precious time you want to invest in being more organized - consider the following major benefit: it's the best weapon against procrastination. Examples:

  1. Last week I cleaned and organized my tool-shed, and this weekend I couldn't wait to cut the grass (VS chasing one of my teenage kids to do it).
  2. When I neatly prepare gym clothes handy, I am happy to put it on (and then surely I'll end up at the gym.)
  3. If I want to do some smart work on the day off, I'll plug my laptop right away when I come back from the work. Just the fact that tomorrow I don't have to pull it out of the bag first the next day makes it almost a certainty that I will do work. A simple, 10 seconds step done the evening before.

What is your experience with being organized?

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