Line up or take risks - the tale of two restrooms...

Recent major event we attended was held in the gymnasium, converted for the purpose of the event. In the main room of the event, there were no restrooms. You had to exit into the hallway, and line up in front one of the washrooms. Even men's one had people waiting for minutes.

I noticed that inside the main event room, alongside the wall that most people had to pass by, there were "change-room" signs. I grabbed the door handle, and opened the door. Complete darkness. I pulled my cell phone to get some light. Straight ahead, about 6 feet in, there were the next doors; I walked in. That room was bigger, and I easily found the light-switch. The change room lit, and in the corner there was a reward! Washroom with nobody in - all for myself!

So what's the lesson here?

Noticing where people aren't lining up + Breaking rules (but not the law) + Putting up with some fear = Reward!

1. Where most people line up, there's no reward. If there was, it's much lesser then what you'd like it to be. If it's easy, it's gone. If there's a big sign pointing to the reward, it's gone.

2. Break a rule - someone surely intended for people to walk out and go to the restroom. That rule was obvious. But braking it caused no damage and it wasn't illegal. It seems to me you have to completely kill your imagination to not see that "change room" contains washroom too! Yet everyone followed the rule.

3.  It was dark for a few steps. There could have been a deranged murderer in that dark. Or a monster. Put up with just a touch of fear, a mare few steps; and the new door appeared.

Aren't  rejection of imagination and bravery, coupled with lack of healthy dose of rebellion the reasons for our stagnation in career? Are we lining up in front of the big sign, ignoring the anxiety that the reward may not be there or sizable enough? Are we afraid of a few steps in the dark?

Let's commit to ourselves to exploring, to thinking, to saying "I don't think so" to the easy. Let's break some rules, brave some darkness and then... who knows what then; but don't you want to find out?


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