Negativity Bars - How Many Did You Accumulate?

I think of myself as a cheerful and positive person. Yet my closest co-worker often complains that I can be exactly the opposite. Quick to blame, raise the voice, and worry excessively over issues little under our control. Convinced such habits could not possibly be aiding my business and leadership aspirations I asked her to draw a bar under my name any time I either criticize or say something negative. In the first 24 hours, in spite of relatively uneventful day in the office, I had 16 (!) bars under my name!

I am committed to fixing this. Accumulation of \\\\\\\"negativity bars\\\\\\\" has been a great vehicle for exposing my traits I am not proud of. It also served as a fun-filled self-improvement method; I caught myself stopping mid-sentence as I was about to say something less then flattering about someone, or  to dwell yet again over a missed opportunity.

I am sure that tomorrow my \\\\\\\"negativity bars\\\\\\\" counter will be lower. If we persist with this, I might just become what I always thought I was: inspiring person, always bringing positive emotions and supporting my co-workers. My life could be better! Perhaps yours too if you try this trick!

To your always positive attitude,



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