Win Friends (at Work) and Influence Your Boss...

Surely you've read Dale Carnegie's classic, "How to Win Friends and Influence People." What? Not yet? I've joined legions of fans of this elaborate study of what works, and what doesn't in dealing with people, and can't recommend it enough. If you are trying to advance in your career, this book will offer immediately relevant advice you need to apply immediately.

Two principles given are particularly important: Genuine interest in people, and offering an honest smile to everyone you see in the office. These two are interconnected - by being genuinely interested in people, you'd be able to find out specifics about your colleagues' and bosses' likes and pet-peeves. What sports are their kids in? What music do they listen to?

The specific knowledge about a person you gained, will make it that much easier and natural to, in the morning, offer a natural and welcoming smile to your coworker or boss. How did you son do in the play-off? How was that family get-together?

Apply these two principles now, and watch for the avalanche of support and positive feedback you'll receive at work. Your ideas getting accepted. Your opinions respected. More friendships started. Sounds irresistible? During my consulting years I've screwed up something major on every assignment. Yet it never mattered - people would look pass that and give me encouragement. I loved them. They loved me. That's what work should be like!



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