Maja Popovic, Senior Consultant

After 3 years of chasing particles (PhD studies, University of Toronto, CDF project), in year 2000, I decided to move to IT Consulting. One of my first jobs was with BMO (Bank of Montreal, one of top 5 Canadian banks), in Capital Markets, working on SWIFT technology project (if you’ve ever wired money, you’ve used SWIFT).

I have then moved to AOL Canada – it was at this point that I realized that I had the incredible ability to work almost all the time. What’s worse, I actually liked it. My boss at AOL didn’t complain either! After about 2 years, I was ready for new challenges – and wanted to be a part of something important!
My friend from undergraduate studies, Dragan, had something important - TD Bank (another top Canadian Bank) was upgrading some 1000 branches to Windows (from OS/2, yes this was in 2004). So I became an expert on bank’s retail technology performance

This caught eye of Senior Management at TD Technology, so in 2005 I became a full-time IT Specialist, to be promoted in a record time to IT Manager.
By January 2010, I had 33 employees at TD. It was at this point I decided to join Dragan in the joint venture to become the Number One Financial Technology Staffing firm in Toronto. My family thought I was nuts – who leaves a secure managing job with a bank to join a start-up? We’ve enjoyed great success, as the firm grew from 8 to 35 people from January to September.

My job is to sustain this momentum, and get us to the objective to be #1. As a president, I overcome challenges and pull through massive challenges – I still like working (almost) all the time!
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Personal Stuff

I did my undergraduate studies at McMaster University (Ontario, Canada). Obtained an M.Sc., in Nuclear Physics from University of Toronto (Ontario, Canada). Did Ph.D. studies for 3 years at U of T - Particle Physics (Ontario, Canada).

What makes me unique?
I never give up. When my colleagues are ready to go home at 11:00 PM, it’s up to me to make them feel bad about being such wimps and keep everyone working.

People complain about me when:
My “never-give-up” attitude is combined with great attention to detail – as a result, sometimes I have to be pulled away from a long chase that might have long lost its purpose (other then that I don’t give up).

- 30 Rock & Friends,
- Chapters and Starbucks,
- Gym,
- Cats.

- Laziness,
- Bad service in restaurants,
- Gym.

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